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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey U Kim Kum Kawa | Femme

model | Faith Beliran
casting | Yeoh Egwaras | Clarence Esposo

photography | Enzo Mondejar
styling | Eric Poliquit


  1. oh gawd. the first shoes (or is it?) is freaking rad. i'm a new fan of your werks, i stumbled when researching for lookbook inspirations. if u dont mind i'd repost these photos to my blog as my usual inspiration file.

    love your creative styling werks - will come back hungry for more! :D

  2. Hey! Thanks for liking my works. I designed the geta(shoes) for this shoot. I got lots of raw materials at home which,if i have the time,make something useful out of 'em. No prob with reposting my works. Just dont forget the credits. Cheers!