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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"W" by Rajo Holiday 2011 Campaign

"I can now finally show all of you my new collection and campaign for my collaboration with Wharton for Holiday 2011. The collection is called CHIAROSCURO which is an Italian word for playing with darkness and light. The whole collection is predominantly neutral with a strong emphasis on the grey tone. I do have some colors but they are muted tones of blue and plum.

I have always been a designer that get occupied by the smallest details and like all my collections for “W”, this collection boasts of the same tiny details that at first glance you might miss but after closer inspection, you get all these wonderful details that for me, makes the design more special.

I have incorporated my love of gross grain ribbon in the collection and you can see this as a strong design element. There is also a very masculine take on blocking as I cut up the patterns of the jackets, shirts and even pants with these slices that make the clothes so much more interesting. I also love the faux suspenders on the items giving it a nerdy but cool touch which appeals strongly to my sensibilities.

I had a lot of fun in the campaign primarily because I was working with a brand new team and this new interaction provided a new dimension to my work. A big thanks to Enzo Mondejar for taking such amazing photos and to the stylist Eric Poliquit for doing a really fantastic job! To the entire team of WHARTON, thank you for trusting me completely! To everyone out there, head over to all SM stores starting October 10 and see the brand new collection. We only have limited quantities, so please hurry!" - Rajo Laurel

Photos by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit

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